The PMA series of  V-AIR® ovens are capable of not only producing pizzas, but also for cooking or warming a variety of precooked or uncooked foods.  The ovens also have a timer for each deck so that multiple products can be baked at once.  These ovens do this in a small area with high energy efficiency.


NU-VU’s PMA-5/18 pizza oven has the unique V-AIR® design which drives faster cook times and a perfect heat distribution top to bottom, side-to-side and front to back. The individual aluminum decks are heated inside the oven and provide your pizza with the crust quality of a hearth stone deck oven. These units utilize digital count down timers and they include one timer for each shelf. Each timer can be set individually so you can produce different types of pizza at the same time and track them by simply setting the bake time on each timer.

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NU-VU and Doyon Equipment are THE BAKERY DIVISION of the Middleby Corporation. Every single day, 40 million breads are being baked in their ovens.



NU-VU is a division of The Middleby Corporation. Did you know that Middleby products are in one of every three restaurants around the world. It’s all because we don’t just sell products – we provide trust. And we will always keep that prime commodity on our front burner.

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