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RM-5T Countertop Convection Oven


The NU-VU RM-5T tabletop oven features our exclusive moving air system. Heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity by the fan located in the top of the oven which blows the air down the inside walls of the cavity and up and out through the holes at each shelf. This gives your product an even bake, top to bottom, side to side, and front to back and requires less energy per pan. The two speed fan allows baking and cooking all types of products.


• V-Air® technology
• Stainless steel construction
• Stainless steel legs (6”)
• Cool to touch, dual pane, full view
tempered glass door
• Field reversible doors
• Silicone rubber gasket on door
• Slam cam handle
• Steam vent
• Tool-less cleaning of door glass

• Unit is stack-able with hardware (sold separately)

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RM-5T Specification

RM-5T Flyer


Miss NU-VU's UB-E5/5! Well the RM-5T, when paired with a stacking kit and a second RM-5T, gives you the same capacity and operation style. There are bonuses! The RM-5T offers cool to touch doors (not featured on the UB-E5/5). As well you can easily seperate the cavaties for service or if you need to replace or even adding a oven on to a existing RM-5T! 

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